Another Ambrosia Status Update

So I’m sitting here in the office doing some editing with Paul and Eric and we’re making great progress. We’re actually close to completing a rough edit even though we have one major scene left to shoot and some minor pickup shots. The trailer is nearly finished and we’ll be working on a poster soon but we’d like to have some footage from our final shoot so we’re holding off for now.

Here’s a matchmoving test I did. I’ll be starting on the effects pass soon for Ambrosia.

2 Comments to “Another Ambrosia Status Update”

  • Hi guys! looking forward to seeing the finished product. Any news on when it’ll come out. Also, I’d like to have some stuff for my reel. Any chance I could get that?

  • Thanks, we’re working hard on post production and we’re excited to see it completed as well. Keep checking back and message me after it’s done for reel footage.

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